Kairos merges the Silicon Valley culture of innovation and business speed with deep knowledge of scientific instruments and aerospace technology. We want to change the way energy data is collected and used.

We do things differently than traditional aerospace.

Instead of selling hardware, we sell information. By combining physical science expertise with the latest data analytics, we pull never-before-seen hard data from the physical world in real time. Once we've tapped into a new source of raw information, we refine it into data products that produce real value, for real businesses.

Kairos works in small dedicated teams to provide up-to-date, accurate information.

Kairos scientists and engineers hunt for data in the wild.

At Kairos we have built two platforms: an instrument platform and a software platform. Both are designed to remove the barriers that stand between businesses and new information. New instruments can be plugged into our Surveyor platform rapidly, and deployed on missions we are already flying. This way the latest, most sensitive instruments can quickly be brought to bear on new projects.

Our software platform then takes the data and instantly produces georeferenced maps and images. Data scientists use machine vision and machine learning to combine this new data with our customers' information to produce powerful new insights and solutions.

Our Culture

At Kairos Aerospace, we love science and engineering, we love to get our hands dirty with hardware and software, and we love seeing our work make a difference in the real world. We have fun doing that in an environment that is based on integrity and treating people right. It’s never boring, it’s never easy, and we’re usually laughing.


We are looking for passionate people with a variety of skills: tinkerers, programmers, scientists, field engineers, business specialists and people who love to figure out how the world works. Feel free to send us your resume if you think you might be a fit.