Rapidly pinpoint costly fugitive gas emissions from the air

Quickly Find Costly Fugitive Gas
Emissions From The Air

We think the best way to tackle the fugitive emissions problem is to minimize the total volume of methane being leaked, rather than the total number of leaks, as quickly as possible.

We find big leaks more frequently, rather than every leak occasionally, to achieve maximum impact for minimum cost.

How It Works

LeakSurveyor™ measures the absorption of reflected sunlight by natural gas. Our patented system allows us to rapidly spot natural gas emissions, and simultaneous optical images allow positive identification of the source. We rapidly survey up to 500 miles of pipeline or 30,000 acres of wells in a single day. This drastically reduces inspection and compliance costs, and quickly identifies the worst sources of lost production.


High Speed, Low Cost

Our system can survey up to 500 miles of pipeline or 20,000 acres in a day, with much lower cost than ground inspections. Data is delivered in under three days.

Accurate Source Identification

Maps of gas sources are overlaid on georeferenced optical imagery. This enables rapid identification of problem areas, and reduces the risk of false positives from environmental sources.

No Hassles

As with our other products, no ground access or support is necessary for LeakSurveyor™ to start working. Simply tell us the territory you want measured, and we do the rest.

Maximize Maintenance Efficiency

Ground surveys and inventories have shown that the vast majority of gas loss comes from a small number of very large leaks. Because LeakSurveyor™ is designed to find the largest leaks (over 50 Mscf/day), maintenance and repair resources can prioritize sources that matter the most.

Secure Digital Delivery

Data is delivered in whichever form fits into your workflow, from GeoTIFF to KML to PDF. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Change Analysis

Kairos Aerospace's advanced analytics take you far beyond simple maps of natural gas leaks. By combining methane emission, optical, and thermal imagery with the best of modern automated data analysis techniques, we provide you with insights into your production that you never would have thought possible.