See your world faster and deeper than ever before.

See your world more clearly than ever before

QuickSurveyor™ is the fastest and safest way to survey large areas. We can show you what you need to know, whether it’s with optical, thermal, or infrared maps.

The combination of optical and infrared imagery rapidly identifies assets in need of repair.
QuickSurveyor™ installs easily onto the wing strut of a small plane for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

How It Works

QuickSurveyor™ flies in light aircraft, 20,000 acres per day. Our high resolution optical and infrared cameras take thousands of images. Our data analytics combined with onboard GPS and attitude monitoring produce accurate geolocation with no need for ground access or site preparation.

Final data products are delivered in days instead of months, allowing our customers to rapidly respond to changes in their operations. By combining the optical and infrared images, we reveal new information about the behavior of pipelines, pumps and machinery. The existence and precise location of subsurface steam and oil leaks are immediately apparent.

This combination of speed and information has never been commercially available...until now.


High Resolution Optical

Georeferenced, six inch resolution optical maps provide granular detail of even the most crowded areas.

High Resolution Infrared

Simultaneous georeferenced infrared imagery overlays directly on our optical maps. This allows temperature knowledge of infrastructure to within two degrees.

Three Day Turnaround

Within three days of flight, the customer has the digital product in their hands, ready to use in their own workflow.

No Hassles

No hardware purchase is required. No preparation or access on the ground is needed. Simply tell us which areas you want mapped, and we'll do the rest.

Secure, Flexible Data Delivery

Our data products can be delivered to fit into your workflow. GeoTIFF, GIS Layer, PDF or hard copy, in any reference system.

Change Analysis

Because of the rapid turnaround, change analysis over months, weeks or even days can be done on a large scale. Asset movement, pipeline temperatures, and other metrics can be monitored in new ways.

Advanced Data Products

In addition to our optical and IR mapping, we can work with you to extract more information, including performance metrics of equipment, asset identification, or overlays of your own data.