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Turning Data into

Meaningful Impact

Our transformative technology gives the oil and gas industry the power to retain more product and achieve its environmental goals by identifying the largest methane leaks with our actionable and efficient method. We combine patented hardware with proprietary software to produce actionable data about our customers’ operations. Combining low-cost, high-quality sensors and high-powered, high-scale computing allows us to cover basin-wide areas while identifying the most significant leaks. Kairos technology is already in widespread use across North America. Contact us to start reducing emissions now.


We drive the latest advances for cost-effective, large-scale emissions detection.

Our Technology

Working For You

Kairos deploys with no operational burden or capital investment on the part of our customers. We are able to scale up or down flexibly and evaluate our customers operations needs on a regular schedule to track emisson reductions and performance improvements. Our data allow customers to easily focus their on-the-ground resources on directed repairs and maintenance, making the largest impact in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.



Kairos collects, processes, and delivers data automatically and securely via our proprietary software pipeline. Kairos customers use our data to benchmark asset performance; with a subscription option, customers receive even greater transparency on operations over time at a lower overhead cost. Customers are able to more efficiently use their existing maintenance programs by directing teams to a confirmed, existing leak in a specific location.


Stanford University Study

Stanford University published a study providing third-party validation of Kairos’ technology in quantification, reliability and sensitivity.

How it works

Check out our technology white paper to learn more about our sensor, data processing and how we quantify emissions.

Gathering Line Leak

See how our optical image, methane plume image and onsite inspection complement each other.