Do you wonder how you stack up against your peers in terms of methane emissions and ESG metrics?

Do you want an internal benchmark to track progress in reducing emissions?

Do you need the ability to provide accurate information on your emissions performance to your board, stakeholders or financial community?

Historically, there has been a lack of quantifiable and consistent information with which to evaluate companies’ emissions performance. Data often was only self-reported, based on engineering estimates rather than real measurements and lacking third-party verification.

Kairos’ Methane Emission Assessments can fill this gap.

Here’s how it works

Kairos uses sensors mounted on small aircraft to inspect surface facilities and pipelines for upstream production; midstream gathering, boosting, transmission and storage; and downstream distribution systems, covering hundreds of square miles daily.

The resulting data pinpoints and quantifies methane leaks to help producers reduce methane emissions. Kairos’ technology and processes have been validated by Stanford University researchers and leveraged by all sizes of producers to determine emission performance.

In major producing basins across North America, Kairos has collected data sets of thousands of methane plumes, each tied to an operator, and these provide the basis for company-level assessments.

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