Society of Petroleum Engineers-Published Pioneer Natural Resources Case Study

Blog Post

We are honored that our co-authored case study with Pioneer Natural Resources was selected for presentation by the Society of Petroleum Engineers at its 2020 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, which was held late last year in a virtual format. Pioneer is a longtime Kairos client and its annual aerial methane survey is currently underway. A number of insights were compiled that support the Kairos method of leak detection, including the following highlights. Click here to read the full case study.

  • The results from aerial monitoring show that with a technology and data-driven approach, operators can significantly reduce emissions while simultaneously reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.
  • Between 2016 and 2018, Pioneer Natural Resources’ methane intensity has declined approximately 41%.
  • New maintenance issues may tend to arise at a relatively constant rate. This finding, similar to those of others, supports the argument for periodic monitoring of infrastructure for new point source emissions.
  • The Kairos approach shows a complete picture of the most significant methane emissions from the Pioneer operations footprint over consecutive years, and has proven invaluable for enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Aerial survey results have allowed Pioneer to significantly reduce methane emissions while simultaneously improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs, and reducing vehicle traffic.
  • Pioneer has reduced leak detection and repair (LDAR) costs significantly by reducing both driving time and ground-based inspection time. We estimate more than 2,500 work hours and 1,000 driving hours, were saved by each aerial survey.