Who are our clients?

At Kairos Aerospace, we provide aerial surveys to detect methane – identifying and prioritizing the largest leaks emitting product. Our clients in the oil and gas industry vary in industry segment, size, and location. With our unique approach using small aircraft to conduct our surveys, we are able to scale our operations easily to meet the needs of small independents or the majors.

Client Demographics


Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Oil and Gas


30 to 10,000+ wells, 150 to 60,000+ miles of pipeline, and gas storage facilities


We operate in North and South America and Europe, with basins/regions including Anadarko, Bakken, Barnett, Central Utah, Delaware, DJ Basin, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Illinois, Michigan, Midland, San Joaquin, San Juan in the U.S. and Colombia, Italy,  Montney and Vaca Muerta internationally.

How do we help?

Our patented processes and innovative technology allow us to conduct cost-effective surveys at scale, with the ability to scan up to 100 square miles per day per plane, with multiple planes in the air on any given day.

Traditional methods, including ground-based leak surveys, are significantly more time-consuming and don’t provide a comprehensive picture of the situation. And with Kairos, there is no training or equipment costs to the client and clients are able to utilize their existing maintenance processes to repair the identified leaks, but at a much quicker pace.

How do we safeguard your data?

Kairos’ mission is to help the oil and gas industry reduce methane emissions by helping companies pinpoint the location of leaks and emissions. We only provide data to companies that own the land or equipment and never release it to the media, a company’s competitors, environmental groups or regulators. Security of our customers’ data is a top priority for our business.

In order to increase awareness and understanding of the true nature of methane emissions within the scientific community, we may share aggregated and anonymized statistics on our collective data. It does not include any identifying information and cannot be linked back to any particular client.

Other applications

In addition to detecting methane emissions, our pods are able to capture thermal infrared imagery. For operators engaged in thermal enhanced oil recovery, our high-resolution infrared maps can spot subsurface steam leaks and other thermal anomalies. Addressing these issues reduces input costs and helps eliminate dangerous subsurface steam leaks. With regular surveying, a picture of operational inefficiencies and areas for improvement emerges over time.


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